Intermediately Connected at I.C.I.

In 2005, I created an installation at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry in Los Angeles. There were hundreds of tiny paintings formed into a mosaic. Watercolors were cut up into small squares, a push pin was inserted into each painting and covered with gloss gel medium. The result was tiny sculptural paintings that look like jewels. The tiny paintings formed a mosaic of a brain, fetus and bees installed on gray walls.

Brain with Bee and Cord, ICI Installation 2005, mixed media, 5' x 10'
Fetus with Cord and Bee, ICI Installation 2005, mixed media, 5' x 10'
Bee Detail, ICI Installation 2005, 14" x 16"
Bee Detail, ICI Installation 2005, mixed media, 14" x 15"

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